Thursday, 15 March 2012

B2B Analytics: Does every user wants to contact SALES?

Hi all,

Contact sales form conversions are over rated for B2B Websites.

One Big Question - "Does every user wants to contact SALES?" specially in initial phases.

B2B sites products are normally expensive and require loads of competitor products comparisons before fixing one.

Foremost question is : Is our website content enough to sell the product?
If yes; then off you go!!! GR8
If no; then it's time to change the focus to other methods that can help conversion

Here comes the need for an extra something called "Customer Assistance" - assisting for sales

This can be a small ajax form embedded somewhere prominently in the page or a small link for inquiry on page.

It will help the potential customers to get information from tech support/sales starting from initial phases, till end.

What do we get?
Information about the potential customer that can be used to continuously track him and help in decision making.


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