Thursday, 2 August 2012

B2B Visitor Analytics

Think... how great it would be if we know the details of visitor who converted (filled form) on our website? What he viewed? What all he searched? What forms he filled? What queries he posted?

So that we have detailed knowledge his activity before actually contacting him for sales.

At first glance it looks difficult to get reports based on visitor, but there's a good news..... We can track back the visitor based on its organization.

It's simple....

Just store the cookie of user in database who achieved a goal (e.g. filled up a contact form, survey, feedback), create reports in webtrends based on cookie (e.g. cookie-pages, cookie-files downloaded etc.). Thus when you want to track back the visitor who converted , just fetch cookie values from database and get the corresponding cookie activity and organization details from webtrends.